tips how to choose insurance

here are some tips for choosing the right insurance for you, menyesal.karena buying tips before you need to apply dikemudian day that you will not regret.
some point here that must be observed:

Specify the type of insurance you want. Protection overall (All Risk) to provide protection the most good, but you need to take into account the ekonomisnya.

Do not be glued on the size of the premium to be paid. View company's credibility, especially in terms of services, claims handling and financial ability.

Many insurance companies are credible and bonafid, albeit without support for re-insurance companies. But no one find out the track records re-insurance company (if any).

Are companies that provide additional benefits, such as 24-hour claim service, crane free, guarantee 24-hour claims processing, etc.?

It is a good idea to see your company's network partners that workshop. How many in number, the location where and how the quality of these workshops.

Understand correct apasaja your rights and obligations. What can you do and what not. Are there exceptions in the policy contract, what ruginya fortunately for you?