Eee Top ET16 series comes with touch screen

Eee Top ET16 series. different from previous products asus. This new product is equipped with touch screen. Design brief and is also a mainstay stylish.

Equipped with the addition of touch panel 15.6 inch, Eee Top ET16 series enables users to run what they see on the screen with just a touch of a finger, so that claimed to make it easier to designate people who are still with the cloud computer.

Eee Top ET16 series comes with 2 variants, ET1602 and ET1603. Differences in both terpaut was not far away, only to have ET1603 use additional graphics card from ATI Radeon HD3450, so has the image quality is better.

Products intended for the family is quite energy efficient, because only need to use the 36 Watt. That still may be shut off with some components, such as lights that are in front of the screen.