LG KP500 mobile phone called the Cookie

LG KP500 mobile phone called biscuits. why? Bodi may be due to thin and light. Although the case of plastic, so even though the phone does not look cheap. In addition to the color brown (Vandyke brown) Signal try that, they say the phone will also come out with a choice of colors black, silver (Anodizing silver) and gold (Elegant gold).

Omission touch screen keypad to make felt relieved even though the size is not the least knowledgeable-very knowledgeable. Repotnya, as on most mobile phone sailed wide, this is easy or handwriting appeared on the cheek surface.

That we find in the bottom of the screen only catenarian Call button, favorite shortcuts, and End call / on-off. Stylus in the right elbow down. Note, stylus drawn to the right, not down. When digantungkan also feel comfortable because there are holes in the halter top of the left elbow.

Touch screen of course easy kesenggol. But LG has prepared penangkalnya: key lock on the right body. Live click this button to "lock" the screen quickly. Opening pengunciannya also easy: click any button to set the screen, and press-hold the key until the lock icon is open.

By default, the bottom of the screen icon settled 4; to virtual keypad, contacts list, Messaging, and the main menu. Icon on the main menu is the arrow icon, which when diketuk will display the icon menu contains a number of applications. We can "pull" or percussion icon to move to the middle of the screen. Unfortunately Signal does not find a way to restore the icon from the middle of the screen to return to the menu.