Eee Top ET16 series comes with touch screen

Eee Top ET16 series. different from previous products asus. This new product is equipped with touch screen. Design brief and is also a mainstay stylish.

Equipped with the addition of touch panel 15.6 inch, Eee Top ET16 series enables users to run what they see on the screen with just a touch of a finger, so that claimed to make it easier to designate people who are still with the cloud computer.

Eee Top ET16 series comes with 2 variants, ET1602 and ET1603. Differences in both terpaut was not far away, only to have ET1603 use additional graphics card from ATI Radeon HD3450, so has the image quality is better.

Products intended for the family is quite energy efficient, because only need to use the 36 Watt. That still may be shut off with some components, such as lights that are in front of the screen.

Eee S101, Asus's latest netbook

Asus Eee Netbook latest issue. Asus Eee s101 as this is the wow in the Eee family. together with the mega baazar held on the convention center.

Asus Eee s101 Present with captivating design, and the light weight, Eee PC S101 is visible as a 'brother of slim and beautiful' family from his Asus Eee. Changes in detail, such as the hinge berhiaskan crystals, make this the Netbook captivating.

In addition to the view outside, offal Eee PC S101 is not much change. While the side of safety, Asus complete with encrypted storage of 20 GB which is known by the name of Eee Storage.

Eee Storage allows users to store important documents or media safely. User can then access them anytime and anywhere through the Internet network.

Eee s101 comes in three color choices: Brown (brown), Champagne (golden) and GRAPHITE (black). Eee S101 has a weight of 1 kg and 1.8 cm thick. Eee PC S101 marketed with a price of U.S. $ 688 in the event Mega Bazaar.

nokia 5310 XPRESSMUSIC, feature-rich with affordable prices.

Nokia does not want to lag, with the number of mobile phone that offers the music lover, nokia newest issue series is nokia 5310 XPRESSMUSIC. mobile phone with style and equipped with the dynamic features of a good course with a relatively cheap price.

Mobile phone with 2 color options, this red and blue, have claimed a number of features that does not lose the top-class mobile phone. Let's see what features are there in the phone XPRESSMUSIC this series.

As a music phone, the Nokia 5130 comes equipped with a shortcut button on the side of the body in order to run a digital music player and FM radio in it. Internal memory is 30MB, but with 1GB external memory you can also accommodate up to 240 songs and listen to 20 hours nonstop with the durability of the battery.

3.55mm connector for standard headphones, Bluetooth and microUSB for the transfer of data, is also GPRS and EDGE mobile phones that have been completed dibandrol with a price of less than Rp.1, 5 million.

In addition to the Nokia 5130 offers a cheap XPRESSMUSIC gala, vendor opportunity in the mobile phone market is also introduce other GSM 2: Nokia 1202 and Nokia 1661, and CDMA 3: Nokia 2228, Nokia 2608 and Nokia 8208. All phone dipatok on the price range Rp.1, 5 million.


iphone these in the world. Apple iPhone 3G Kings Button

Jewel craftsmen from Austria, Peter Aloisson, create a record for himself with these design iphone in the world, even though the world are experiencing a crisis but does not affect these iphone to create this.

Apple called the iPhone 3G Kings Button, the button operation of the main jewel diintegrasi with 6.6 carat of high quality. the phone itself is made of 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold (rose gold).

Apple iPhone 3G "Button Kings" is the most luxurious mobile phone until now. 'Button Kings' sold for around $ 2517345 or 30,208,140,000 Rupiah.

Portege G810, toshiba's

Toshiba announced the re-launch smartphone, portege G810, features are quite full, the Gps, HSDPA, HSUPA, camera 3 megapixel, and 2.83 qvga touch screen with 240x320 resolution.

Here are full specs:

- Platform: Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
- Processor: Qualcomm MSM7200 (400 MHz)
- Band: 850/900/1800/1900 for GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/1900/2100
- UMTS / HSDPA (3.6 Mbps) / HSUPA (2 Mbps)
- Navigation: Built-in GPS & A-GPS
- Interface: Bluetooth v2.0, USB v2.0, WiFi 802.11 b / g, FM Radio with RDS
- Size: 58 x110 x 14 mm
- Weight: 120 g
- Display: QVGA (320 x 240), 65k colors, TFT, 2.83 "
- Camera: 3 megapixel, autofocus
- Memory: 256 MB ROM / 128 MB RAM, micro SD slot up to 4 GB
- Battery: 1.530 mAh
- Standby: up to 200 hours
- Talktime: up to 4hours

high-end camera 12.1 megapixels, sony ericsson idou

Sony Ericsson launched its latest mobile phone that has a high-end camera 12.1 megapixels, so kwualitas photos from this photo is very good, given the name of this mobile phone sony ericsson idou.

Although this camera is far from the settlement, other than the camera's 12.1 Megapixels, will also be equipped with a touchscreen display 3.5 "16:9. Ponsel this still seems to be based on Symbian.

LG KP500 mobile phone called the Cookie

LG KP500 mobile phone called biscuits. why? Bodi may be due to thin and light. Although the case of plastic, so even though the phone does not look cheap. In addition to the color brown (Vandyke brown) Signal try that, they say the phone will also come out with a choice of colors black, silver (Anodizing silver) and gold (Elegant gold).

Omission touch screen keypad to make felt relieved even though the size is not the least knowledgeable-very knowledgeable. Repotnya, as on most mobile phone sailed wide, this is easy or handwriting appeared on the cheek surface.

That we find in the bottom of the screen only catenarian Call button, favorite shortcuts, and End call / on-off. Stylus in the right elbow down. Note, stylus drawn to the right, not down. When digantungkan also feel comfortable because there are holes in the halter top of the left elbow.

Touch screen of course easy kesenggol. But LG has prepared penangkalnya: key lock on the right body. Live click this button to "lock" the screen quickly. Opening pengunciannya also easy: click any button to set the screen, and press-hold the key until the lock icon is open.

By default, the bottom of the screen icon settled 4; to virtual keypad, contacts list, Messaging, and the main menu. Icon on the main menu is the arrow icon, which when diketuk will display the icon menu contains a number of applications. We can "pull" or percussion icon to move to the middle of the screen. Unfortunately Signal does not find a way to restore the icon from the middle of the screen to return to the menu.


Samsung UltraTOUCH, touch screen revolution

Samsung ultratouch do not want to lag, they will introduce a mobile phone this greatest, in the mobile world title in 2009 Congress increasingly violent.
See some of the previous Ultra edition, this time the presence UltraTOUCH for Samsung seems a matter of re-definition perfection of style, design and technology. That's according to their mission to attend later in the MWC title, that is to provide new understanding about the meaning of style and design of a mobile full-touch screen is exacerbated as the trends.

Because the Samsung seems to speak concerning sesumbar style. With a central point on the display of anti-2.8-inch AMOLED touch, Samsung claims UltraTOUCH product as Revolutionary touch screen, which makes it capable of Shining with colors so bright.

Practice screen 2.8-inch OLED type, the phone also features the capability of resolution 240 x 400 pixels (WQVGA). Consequently, very mumpuni to obtain katajaman color. Completeness of the real through the features of 8 megapixel camera


IPhone app from the applications store often boring

some time ago to study pinch media for users on the apple iphone application applications program in a download from the app store.
AFP says, iphone application has been downloaded more than 500 million applications. even though the amount was not indicated if the application is preferred user.

Media pinch out, only five percent as much iPhone users who still operate the application until a month after download. Users easily saturated with a downloadable application, especially applications free.

"Applications paying more durable than the application that is downloadable free," said pinch Media is not a consultant for the development of applications that smartphone.


LG mobile phone berkamera 12 MP ready to be launched

LG plan to issue a mobile phone equipped with the latest 12 megapixel camera. LG does not want to lose with our competitors, especially the Sony Ericsson will own the latest mobile phone Idou that has been equipped with 12 megapixel camera in this year.

as dilansir softpedia. sunday (22/2/2009) LG phone will be launched to the market before the end of 2009.

according to LG Head of Marketing in the UK, Jeremy newing, a camera belonging to a smart phone that LG will also be equipped with optical zoom lenses and the best quality.

Nokia N97, which promises cheaper phone

Barcelona - Congress on the mobile world, Barcelona, original Finnish vendor Nokia has announced to work with skype. this cooperation with Nokia consumers want to spoil the future can call free of charge.

property skype VoIP application will be installed on their mobile phone series, which will be the first use of this service is the nokia n97, mobile phone and will be out in June 2009.

N97 users can make phone calls cheaper or even free of charge via the Internet as long as it is in the coverage of 3G or wi-fi, and services skypeout possible to make calls from skype to the regular telephone network, with regular low both locally and internationally

this service as a value added for the nokia. skype own hope with this service so that the needs of a cross-continent communication dengna can be made cheap and easy. so that dilansir dar CNET. sunday (22/2/2009)

Nokia is not only a vendor announces a cooperation agreement with skype. among which was to announce this cooperation is that Sony Ericsson provides this service in the mobile phone xperia 1 based windows mobile.


scientists at Purdue University are conducting research using Google Earth, to know the degree of pollution emissions occur in the United States Digital map with a capacity of high-resolution image can be seen in / eas / carbon / vulcan / GEarth. Here, a map may indicate carbon dioxide emissions in metric tons in the U.S. housing and commercial. Such as quoted Reuters, Sunday (22/2/2009). if this is successful until the very menggemberikan news for scientists. as you may know from the sector where carbon emissions are released many, including the sectors of industry, housing, electricity production, even in sectors including aircraft.
besides that this information can be known by all people living in the access to online, "said Kevin Gurney. project leader and assistant professor earth and atmospheric sciences at Purdue University.
with this innovation we hope to bring those people to know the importance of pollution.


LG-GD900 Ponsel transparent first world


in quarter two. This year LG will launch a new mobile phone the most gress is given the name LG-GD900. This mobile phone is expected to become a weapon LG, to push up sales.

GD900-phone LG mobile phone is the first in a transparent and mobile phone design is expected to bring a new era for the mobile phone world.

"LG-GD900 will attract attention, and prominent among the crowd because the design is transparent," write the LG, such as dilansir Cellular-News, Saturday (21/2/2009). LG-GD900 in the form of a sliding design with silver color wrapping provide an impression of luxury.

nevertheless, not like the LG mobile phone prices are transparent.

LG is trying to keep up its position in the GSM mobile phone market since the end of 2008. In the period, LG successfully grab the position of the third GSM mobile phone sales globally, beyond Motorola and Sony Ericsson. Globally, up to early 2009, LG has been reported successfully sell about 100 million mobile phone units difference than 0.1 million competitors terdekatnya Motorola, which previously occupied the third position.

In china will make a sharp LCD production


Sharp end of the end of this dikabarkan will do the same job with the company's electronics manufacturing factory in China to produce liquid crystal display panel (lcd).

if so up to? sharp company is treated as the first country of origin that japan will produce LCD panels in China.

sharp is one of the leading electronics manufacturer japan origin.

rumor about cooperation disclosed Japanese business daily, Nikkei, as dilansir AFP, Saturday (22/2/2009). Sharp is currently the fifth largest manufacturer of LCD will be the world menggaet SVA group to realize the plan.

Electronics giant, and the brain are to play out of the global crisis. Cooperation will reduce the operational costs of 30 billion yen as much as much or USD330 million, provides for the production to foreign companies.

Microsoft is being a disaster. why?

Madrid -

Microsoft are leading the company is a disaster.

because the prototype mobile phone that will be produced shortly after the launch of missing Windows Mobile 6.5 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Wednesday.

loss of the prototype, is a jolt for Microsoft, because until now there has not been the form of a mobile phone to know who will be the iPhone's competitors.

Telegraph, Saturday (21/2/2009) launch prototype mobile phone that is missing from the bag an official Australian telecommunications giant, Telstar. Chronology was the case when Microsoft gives it to the mobile phone for example Telstar CEO Sol Trujillo for a test pilot. Trujillo then check the phone to a Telstra executive other. When such a thief successfully steals Microsoft's prototype mobile phone pocket is official.

"One of our executives are given the phone to try to test, but when even a day in the afternoon, and the phone was missing from it, we do not know who mencurinya," said Telstra spokesman.

Telstar own claim to not know about the impact that will be incurred from the loss of the mobile phone prototype.


tips how to choose insurance

here are some tips for choosing the right insurance for you, menyesal.karena buying tips before you need to apply dikemudian day that you will not regret.
some point here that must be observed:

Specify the type of insurance you want. Protection overall (All Risk) to provide protection the most good, but you need to take into account the ekonomisnya.

Do not be glued on the size of the premium to be paid. View company's credibility, especially in terms of services, claims handling and financial ability.

Many insurance companies are credible and bonafid, albeit without support for re-insurance companies. But no one find out the track records re-insurance company (if any).

Are companies that provide additional benefits, such as 24-hour claim service, crane free, guarantee 24-hour claims processing, etc.?

It is a good idea to see your company's network partners that workshop. How many in number, the location where and how the quality of these workshops.

Understand correct apasaja your rights and obligations. What can you do and what not. Are there exceptions in the policy contract, what ruginya fortunately for you?