Samsung UltraTOUCH, touch screen revolution

Samsung ultratouch do not want to lag, they will introduce a mobile phone this greatest, in the mobile world title in 2009 Congress increasingly violent.
See some of the previous Ultra edition, this time the presence UltraTOUCH for Samsung seems a matter of re-definition perfection of style, design and technology. That's according to their mission to attend later in the MWC title, that is to provide new understanding about the meaning of style and design of a mobile full-touch screen is exacerbated as the trends.

Because the Samsung seems to speak concerning sesumbar style. With a central point on the display of anti-2.8-inch AMOLED touch, Samsung claims UltraTOUCH product as Revolutionary touch screen, which makes it capable of Shining with colors so bright.

Practice screen 2.8-inch OLED type, the phone also features the capability of resolution 240 x 400 pixels (WQVGA). Consequently, very mumpuni to obtain katajaman color. Completeness of the real through the features of 8 megapixel camera