Microsoft is being a disaster. why?

Madrid -

Microsoft are leading the company is a disaster.

because the prototype mobile phone that will be produced shortly after the launch of missing Windows Mobile 6.5 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Wednesday.

loss of the prototype, is a jolt for Microsoft, because until now there has not been the form of a mobile phone to know who will be the iPhone's competitors.

Telegraph, Saturday (21/2/2009) launch prototype mobile phone that is missing from the bag an official Australian telecommunications giant, Telstar. Chronology was the case when Microsoft gives it to the mobile phone for example Telstar CEO Sol Trujillo for a test pilot. Trujillo then check the phone to a Telstra executive other. When such a thief successfully steals Microsoft's prototype mobile phone pocket is official.

"One of our executives are given the phone to try to test, but when even a day in the afternoon, and the phone was missing from it, we do not know who mencurinya," said Telstra spokesman.

Telstar own claim to not know about the impact that will be incurred from the loss of the mobile phone prototype.