nokia 5310 XPRESSMUSIC, feature-rich with affordable prices.

Nokia does not want to lag, with the number of mobile phone that offers the music lover, nokia newest issue series is nokia 5310 XPRESSMUSIC. mobile phone with style and equipped with the dynamic features of a good course with a relatively cheap price.

Mobile phone with 2 color options, this red and blue, have claimed a number of features that does not lose the top-class mobile phone. Let's see what features are there in the phone XPRESSMUSIC this series.

As a music phone, the Nokia 5130 comes equipped with a shortcut button on the side of the body in order to run a digital music player and FM radio in it. Internal memory is 30MB, but with 1GB external memory you can also accommodate up to 240 songs and listen to 20 hours nonstop with the durability of the battery.

3.55mm connector for standard headphones, Bluetooth and microUSB for the transfer of data, is also GPRS and EDGE mobile phones that have been completed dibandrol with a price of less than Rp.1, 5 million.

In addition to the Nokia 5130 offers a cheap XPRESSMUSIC gala, vendor opportunity in the mobile phone market is also introduce other GSM 2: Nokia 1202 and Nokia 1661, and CDMA 3: Nokia 2228, Nokia 2608 and Nokia 8208. All phone dipatok on the price range Rp.1, 5 million.