Nokia N97, which promises cheaper phone

Barcelona - Congress on the mobile world, Barcelona, original Finnish vendor Nokia has announced to work with skype. this cooperation with Nokia consumers want to spoil the future can call free of charge.

property skype VoIP application will be installed on their mobile phone series, which will be the first use of this service is the nokia n97, mobile phone and will be out in June 2009.

N97 users can make phone calls cheaper or even free of charge via the Internet as long as it is in the coverage of 3G or wi-fi, and services skypeout possible to make calls from skype to the regular telephone network, with regular low both locally and internationally

this service as a value added for the nokia. skype own hope with this service so that the needs of a cross-continent communication dengna can be made cheap and easy. so that dilansir dar CNET. sunday (22/2/2009)

Nokia is not only a vendor announces a cooperation agreement with skype. among which was to announce this cooperation is that Sony Ericsson provides this service in the mobile phone xperia 1 based windows mobile.