Iphone revolutionary 3D's Telkomsel

South Pavilion, Entrance Pacific Place, SCBD, Jakarta, where this witness when removing the Iphone 3G Telkomsel, enthusiasm prospective owners iphone 3D already visible at the launch of Iphone 3D Telkomsel when no one is targeting 4000 units will be sold.

According to the Director Sarwoto Atmosutarno Telkomsel, estimated 1352 people will be fulfilled because the number of places that have been coming to confirm the previous Telkomsel.

While the overall Sarwoto said the applicants who are interested to have the iPhone 3G and have signed up via e-mail as much to reach 39 thousand.

Currently, users of 3G Telkomsel estimated 9.2 million and spread across 140 cities use the iPhone. iPhone 3G can also be used throughout the network both Telkomsel 2G and 3G, and Wifi network is able to detect automatically.

"iPhone 3G will change the customer experience in the mobile device uses a combination of the revolutionary iphone 3G network and high-speed quality of Telkomsel, will bring more convenience to customers both voice services, SMS, web browsing, and listening to music," said Sarwoto.

IPhone 3G plans will be sold in some places such as Grapari began March 23 2009. In addition to the Grapari, iPhone 3G will also be available at outlets such as outlet-Okeshop, Global Teleshop Sarindo, and Telesindo Shop