heavy blackberry competitor at this time?

heavy blackberry competitor who at this time?
all people may already know that Apple is a competitor for the blackberry especially at this time has been spent apple iphone 3G is currently in the world.

but, severity iPhone 3G appeared to have weaknesses that make this product get a 'rift' brands rather than the other. As dilansir PC Magazine, Saturday (14/3/2009), the system software iPhone 3.0, launched the new few days to come, have a list of weaknesses, and are:

1. Can not cut and paste. Although simple and unimportant, in editing a case the rather important. And after removing the iPhone 3G, features cutting ago to copy any posts there is no more in this gadget.

2. Not in support with the MMS. Clearly, this will make Apple users, because with the MMS is not supported, then that happens you can not send images directly.

3. Can not record video. One odd thing is, if the gadget is already dibenami to the level of sophistication that sedemikan terrible, but can not record video well.

4. If iPhone users are light applications such as Twitter, or instant messaging, the user can not read the messages that go with the quick and concise.

5. iPhone often not energy efficient. This means that many applications that are used to make batteries in gagdet this easy-out. So, be pitied when using a very wide variety of applications, the battery used quickly exhausted