Dell laptop E6400XFR, the genius and powerful

TEXAS - In the era now has a laptop that is very strong in the desire by everyone, no exception for members of the military, does not mean that every day they wrestle with the arms behind the technology with this one, thus they are more professional, in order to maintain state sovereignty and security .

Dell for the producers union in the United States want to issue a laptop product that powerful, strong and all terrain,

Step that is transformed with the Dell laptop newest release, E6400 XFR. Laptops are designed in accordance with the specifications you want the U.S. military. Laptops respited using touch screen technology is also targeting the members of the military in the world as a target market.

PC World, on Tuesday (10/3/2009) spread, E6400 XFR will begin to be marketed in the U.S., Canada, France, Spain, UK, Germany and Italy on 10 March 2009. Laptops respite in the future price of USD4299 ering as much or Rp51 million.

Bath a military soldier, E6400 resistant to all the challenges. Laptop is able to work in a place with a height of more than 15 thousand feet and the temperature - 33 degrees centigrade to 63 degrees Celsius and the condition of angina 70 miles per hour. The laptop is also resistant to water and resistant banting although falling from a height of 4 feet or 48 inches when not operating at 3 feet and is being operated.