3G network connection problem nokia 5800

San Francisco

Stop selling the Nokia 5800 mobile phone nokia touchscreen pertamanya.ponsel home was forced to stop finland special sales in the city of chicago and new york.

the mobile phone that has touch screen technology, this new launch in the United States in the union, 26 February 2009.

Computer World, Tuesday (3/3/2009) to report, termination of the sale of Nokia 5800 is related to the 3G network connection problems. Nokia also said, if the problem only overwrite the phone-specific mobile phone sold in the U.S..

"We have to learn, and gain some mobile phone Nokia 5800 XPRESSMUSIC do have a problem with the performance of 3G and this is the only area of the United States alone," write the Nokia in the caption.

Until now, Nokia is still investigating several complaints about 3G connectivity. while for the Nokia Nokia 5800 will be the 'version' Europe to change? version? United States.

Phone call in the call as iPhone rival, the fact is not only difficult to connect with the 3G network operator owned by AT & T, but some mobile phone is also in trouble with the headset.

Nokia is recognized, the failure was due to some of the handset assembly process that takes place in companies manufacturing different. Nokia 5800 launched since October 2008 that, until now have reached the 1 million unit sales worldwide.