Step Again beating Android Blackberry

AFTER topple the iPhone, Android Is Expected soon topple the BlackBerry due to differences in the Android market share to the BlackBerry only one percentage point in the second quarter 2010. A recent report reveals The research firm Gartner Inc., The global smartphone sales volume in the second quarter (April to June) in 2010 increased by 50.5 percent per year, to 61.6 million units.

Based on data from Gartner, the global Android smartphone sales volume in the second quarter 2010 reached 10.6 million units. In the Same period, global sales volume of iPhone only reached 7.8 million units. Not surprisingly, the global market share soared to beat Android Had IOS.

"The global smartphone market operating system, Android to grow very rapidly so That stepping IOS," said Gartner Inc.. research vice president Carolina Milanesi.