3D TV LED LG USD. 20 Million

3D technology is predicted to possess houses around the world. Starting with the spectacle presented widescreen movies, and then stage a World Cup. TV three-dimensional (3D) growth is predicted to experience the beginning of this year.

The high absorption in the 3D television market with a growing 3D-format film industry and other 3D content. U.S. research firm In-Stat predicts, within the next three years, one fifth TVs sold in the U.S. market will be equipped with 3D technology. That means, about 20 percent will be used to watch TV shows 3D format in 2013. Results are In-Stat study attempts to provide an illustration, how the prospect of 3D TV in the future.

Seeing the high demand for 3D TV these conditions, LG Electronics Indonesia (LGEIN) to prove consistency in developing a 3D LCD TV in Indonesia, after the April 2010 LED FULL yesterday introduced the world's first 3D TV LG LX9500, LGEIN in August it introduced a 3D LCD LED newest LG LX6500 TV. LG LX6500 Indonesias present in two models, one of which has a size of 42 inches worth Rp25 million, and for 47-inch comes with a price of Rp45 million.