Lenovo IdeaCentre A600, with a combination of traditional PC functionality and style of a television

One of the latest linovo Lenovo ideacentre the A600, this is a desktop all-in-one PC that combines traditional style with functionality and a television.
you can have:
  • Ferforma computing firm, elegant design with multimedia capabilities and all of that already in one package with a competitive price.
  • Power cable that allows for a set-up all-in-one desktop this. you will not find a more disorganized the VGA cable.
intel core 2 processor T6600 can run several applications at once simultaneously. prevent the application work without the other. besides that you also can enjoy a perfect performance for the application multimedia. With Memory 2GB DDR3 you will get benefits with the job faster and more responsive performance applications.
Large-sized 640GB capacity lets you store as you begin any of the music, movies, games and other files.

IdeaCentre A600 is equipped with a remote control function 4 stunning:
- VOIP Handset
Use the remote control to make and receive VOIP calls.
- Mouse
Remote can also be used as an alternative to the mouse pointer as the standard.
- Games Movement
Control objects on the screen using the remote to the gaming experience more interactive and
- Media Center Remote
Set the TV programs and movies, enjoy music using the remote control this