hp touchsmart Iq518D, unique solution for the use of a PC.

Hp touchsmart IQ518 offer unique solutions to the use of a PC, which can provide perfect service for the user's desktop. HP touchsmart use this 22 inch touch screen that works is very effective when used as media to the media touchsmart interface, the album feels like the music do the iPod Touch. User can also drag and move the function from the playlist file and look beautiful all the time using the touch screen IQ518, is one that is quite interesting in the market.

Specification of the TouchSmart IQ518 sufficient size for desktop PC at this time, using the Intel core2 Duo T5870 speed 2Ghz to run as an object of Windows Vista, 4GB of memory and hard drive with 500GB capacity and processor berputaran 7200rpm NVIDIA 9300M GS graphics.

On the whole, all made with the TouchSmart IQ518 functional, with speakers that have been integrated and the type of keyboard and mouse wireless. More fun if all the available ports on the TouchSmart more accessible, because in fact when you want to install other equipment on the port TouchSmart need a little shove to reach the port on the side.